Building Prosperity Together

Building better, stronger lives together in our community

Communities United is a project in five Edmonton Neighbourhoods that is building connections to strengthen the lives of individuals and families. The neighbourhoods we are proud to serve are:

Clareview Town Center Bannerman Hairsine Kirkness Fraser


thriving youth

Healthy, vibrant communities are places where youth are engaged, inspired, and empowered to reach their full academic, recreational, social, and vocational potential.


boosting household income

Financial security is a key to family and individual well being. Families deserve access to economic and employment opportunities that allow them to meet their basic needs and invest in their futures.


local economic development

Local investment, community participation, and stronger connections can lead to better employment opportunities, diverse and sustainable economic development, and a higher quality of life for community residents.  


community connections

Connected communities are places where individuals, businesses, organizations, families, and groups know each other, work together, and celebrate their diversity. Communities that actively embrace and nurture their strengths make for exciting places to live, work, and play.


Get Involved

Thriving communities are created from within. If you are a member of the neighbourhoods that Communities United works within and want to get involved with the initiative you can…


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